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There is nothing cooler than sporting BC Golf logo'd shirts or hats. It's instant credibility even if you don't have the game to match (Ed. note: I should know). Get yours by entering our super easy social media contests...

The Top Ten Images From Day One

Photographer Jordie Arthur and BC Golf Jeff Sutherland were out on the course and here are their top shots from the first round...

Whistler Couple Give New Meaning To Breaking 100

By Brad Ziemer, British Columbia Golf

Doug and Janet O’Mara really didn’t set out to play golf in 100 different countries. It kind of just happened.

The Whistler couple love to travel and are also avid golfers. After a number of different trips to all corners of the globe, it suddenly occurred to them that they had played a lot of golf in a lot of different places. So they started counting.